Starting at 4% of rental price

RentalWatch Premier™ +
TenantMatch Premier™

We offer 2 on-going management solutions, RentalWatch Premier™ starting at 6% monthly rent and TenantMatch Premier™ for just 1 months rent.

RentalWatch Premier™

Service Charges

All of this for just 6% of rental price per unit

No Long term Contract

We believe in earning our fees month after month, which is why we always operate on a month to month agreement. If your goals change or if you are not happy, you can cancel anytime.

Owner Portal & Tenant Portal

Both you and your tenants will have an online portal—yours, where you can store documents, make contributions and keep track of your property. Your tenant’s portal will allow them to make payments, and submit work orders and receive and send documents.

Rent Collection

We collect the rent from the tenants either via their portal (about 90% of our tenants pay online) or via mail or in person, and then we direct deposit those funds into your bank account every month right on schedule.

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Monthly Financial Reporting

We collect the funds, track them, reconcile them and then provide monthly financial reporting in the form of a financial statement (just like you get from your bank) showing beginning balance, cash in, cash out and ending balance every month. If you want more in-depth reporting, we can do that too.

Annual Tax Packet

Every year we assemble a complete tax packet—everything you need to give to your accountant—1099, Cash Flow, Annual Statement, Expense Register and copies of all invoices paid on the property. Everything you need to get the taxes related to this property complete.

24/7 Maintenance Oversight

Be it New Years Eve or just any Tuesday at noon—we are on hand to receive the maintenance requests from your tenant, use judgement, take action and keep your property protected and secure.

Lease Enforcement & Tenant Management

There is a contract for a reason—we will enforce the lease with the tenants—be it late rent payments, a pet that they were not authorized to own, or them being less than stellar neighbors. We will communicate with your tenants, serve any necessary legal notices and manage the process from start to finish.

Annual Property Inspections

If you choose to participate, 1x per year, our team will schedule a Property Inspection for your unit(s). They will use this as an opportunity to maintain safety and habitability at the premises and hopefully identify preventative or preemptive maintenance options. This service can be elected more frequently or less frequently at owner’s choice.

Annual Lease Renewal

If you choose to participate, 1x per year before your tenants’ lease renewal window, we will contact you to discuss the current rental market, provide a rental price analysis and a recommendation for any adjustment to lease terms and rental rate. Then we will navigate the negotiation process with the tenant, keep you in the loop and ultimately get a new lease signed.

Dedicated Account Representative

Have a dedicated account representative who monitors your goals, always is the one you speaks to and is regularly evaluating your property’s success and making changes as necessary. We all like to have a single point of contact—be it the person at the restaurant who knows exactly how you like your meal, to the bank teller who always speeds you along. Now have white glove service for your property needs as well.

TenantMatch Premier™

Service Charges

1 Months Rent

Phase 1 - Property Preparation

  • Inspection:
    Need to Have, Nice to Have” Inspection – Everything you need to do by law and a break down of recommended, optional items that will help you get top dollar fast.
  • Project Management:
    We get your approved punch list, gather the estimates, get your approval, keep everything, on time, on task, on budget—project management, start to finish, you don’t lift a finger.

Phase 2 - Marketing

  • Professional Marketing:
    We bring in our marketing team and provide Professional Photography, Professional Video & a 3D Virtual Tour—it will look like we are selling your home for 7 figures
  • Listing Syndication:
    We syndicate your listing to dozens of rental websites—Zillow, Trulia,, all the big ones and tons of little ones too—Your property will have maximum exposure to get in front of anyone who would want to rent it

Phase 3 - Showings

  • AI Supported Scheduling Software:
    Whenever a prospective tenant reaches out, 24/7 365, they will be immediately engaged with, pre-qualified and then set up for a showing at their convenience
  • Agent Supervised Showings:
    Your leasing agent will be onsite for all showings, letting the renters in, supervising them, answering their questions, getting a feel for them and also securing the property when its time to go"

Phase 4 - Screening

  • Tenant Screening:
    Once a tenant would like to move forward, we run their credit, perform a background check, verify their income and reach out to their current landlord and employer
  • Owner Approval
    Once we have their application package and they meet our requirements, you will review them, and give us your thumbs up

Phase 5 - Lease & Payment

  • Lease Preparation & Execution:
    We prepare the lease and execute it with all tenants.
  • Payment:
    At the time of lease signing, we collect 1 month’s rent and security deposit from the tenants for them to secure the property, process the funds and send them to you.

Phase 6 - Key Handoff and Pre-Move Inspection

  • Key Hand Off:
    Your agent will provide their tenants with their keys so they can move in.
  • Pre-Move in Inspection:
    Your agent will perform a detailed inspection including all conditional photos, so we make sure the property has no surprises and so we have evidence of exactly how things were when the tenant moves out and we to process their deposit return.

Fees and Payment

For all of this, we charge a 1 Time Fee of 1 Month’s Rent with a 2 Year Guarantee.
Keep in mind, we are only paid once we have placed a tenant. We work for free until your property is rented. At that time, we take our fee from the funds the tenant brings.

Comprehensive Service Breakdown & Pricing

RentalWatch Premier™
6% of the Monthly Rent

No Long term Contract
Owner Portal & Tenant Portal
Rent Collection
Accounting, Bookkeeping & Monthly Financial Reporting
Annual Tax Packet
24/7 Maintenance Oversight
Lease Enforcement & Tenant Management
Annual Property Inspections
Annual Lease Renewal
Dedicated Account Representative

TenantMatch Premier™
1 Months Rent

Applicant Screening - Credit, Background Check, Income Verification
Lease Preparation & Execution
Payment Receipt and Processing
Habitability Inspection
Listing Syndication to Dozens of Websites
24/7 AI Supported Scheduling
Key Handoff & Pre-Move In Inspection
Remote Access Lock Box, Self Guided Showings
In Person, Agent Supervised Showings
Property Preparation—Project Management
Professional Marketing - Video, Photography, 3D tour
2 Year Tenant Placement Guarantee

Trusted & Loved Lets
Hear from our customers

I highly recommend Tenant Planet, Inc. for your property management needs. The entire staff is very professional and attentive to all our questions and concerns. Alaina met us at the property and did a full assessment, provided us a full marketing plan and went to work for us in getting a fully qualified renter in a very short time.
Tenant Planet, Inc. helped my family rent out our condo in East county a year ago. Not only did they do a fantastic job getting our property rented quickly with super high-quality tenants, but this year our plans changed and my mom has moved back into the property. They helped navigate that process and made it super simple.

Our job is to protect you from the headaches that come with rental management and give you peace of mind and time to enjoy the things you love.